A holistic SafeHaven for self-sustainable cosmopolites

We published this note first time in July 2013, and today time has proved that it is more relevant than ever.

Independent and respected experts on the Web, recommend their readers to get a residence outside their own country. This is due to the development of the financial crisis and the way governments handle it. Such advice correspond to the wish many people already have in our cosmopolitan age.

Scandinavia offers a politically etc. safe place to live in, and in Vedapark we plan for:
  • A high degree of self-sufficiency with food for the body and soul etc. in the present risky times
  • Life in the countryside while maintaining a base in the city such as a shared house or apartment
  • The option to live in a warmer climate part of the year during the cold season.


So far we have building permit for 3 Vastu cottages in our garden colony - the center house is constructed.

We have received building permission, and we have Vastu drawings and models ready for 3 Vastu cottages. One of the houses is now constructed. The 3 cottages are legally considered as one house as they are connected by a walkway, covered with a transparent roof. A total of 100 m2 covered area. They form a U-shape that opens toward the east, as shown in the picture

In the courtyard facing east, we can place flowerbeds with shrubs and flowers, including hollyhocks. The walkway and facades can be made very beautiful, with balanced colors that fit into the nature and culture of area, with climbing plants and ornaments. Here, the artistic creative people with whom we have contact, can participate in order to obtain the best result - it should be a friendly 'battle' on beautiful design. Look here for enjoying some very creative mini-house designs: picture and movie.

Behind the houses shall establish a herb garden/trädgård ... so this will become the Vedapark garden colony. 

The Vedapark Masterplan

The architects 'Fortune Creating Homes Ltd.' in Holland have designed this Masterplan for us:

Please note the following points: